About us

Razgulyai Group is a socially significant company nationwide

Razgulyai Group employs more than 11,000 people. The company has established cooperation with more than 500 agricultural enterprises from 16 regions of the country, supplying agricultural products to the Group.

Most of the Group’s enterprises employ a significant portion of the working people in a locality, thus determining the impact on employment of the population, infrastructure and solution of social problems.

The Group’s activities are aimed at implementing the strategic goals of the state, related to food security of Russia

The Group is one of the largest contributors to the budgets of different levels. The amount of annual tax deductions makes up more than 1 bln rubles

Within the framework of corporate social responsibility, the Group actively participates in regional social programs in the regions where it is represented. Every year the Group invests tens of millions of dollars in the social sphere, focuses on supporting industry, public, educational, sports and health care organizations, providing assistance to poor families, retirees and veterans, participating in key events.