About us

Agricultural Area

About 350,000 ha of land, including more than 210,000 ha - cultivated land in 2014. Major crops are cereals, sugar beet, paddy rice, soy bean. In 2013, more than 2 mln tons of sugar beet and more than 500,000 tons of grains and other crops were harvested, including about 100,000 tons of rice.

Sugar Area

Controls about 10% of the Russian market. The sugar production assets include 10 sugar refineries with the total capacity of 4 mln tons of beet processing and 1.4 mln tons of raw sugar per year, and 1 dairy and canning plant.

Grain Area

The grain production assets include Russia’s largest network of grain elevators (with the capacity for simultaneous storage of 2.4 mln tons), the country's largest rice processing complexes (with the capacity for processing of grain of 370,000 tons per year), flour mills.

Trade House & Distribution

The Group’s products are sold through the largest retail chains: Metro, Perekrestok, Ashan, Magnit, Kopeika, supplied to state companies (Rosrezerv, United Grain Company (OZK)) and processors.