Razgulyai Group launched the sowing campaign

At the end of March 2015, Razgulyai Group launched the sowing campaign. This year it is planned to allocate over 252 thous. hectares of arable land for crops, which is the same as the sowing area last year. The area allocated for winter wheat and spring wheat this season increased from 52 thous. hectares up to 75 thous. hectares; the area for sugar beet and rice remained the same as last year: over 50 thous. hectares for sugar beet and about 14 thous. hectares for rice. 31 thous. hectares will be allocated for oil-producing crops (about 25 thous. hectares for soya and over 6 thous. hectares for sunflower), 28 thous. hectares will be allocated for barley, some part of which, malting quality barley, is cultivated by special orders. About 10 thous. hectares will be sown with corn for grain. In addition, the fields of the agricultural holding will be sown with oats, sinapis, white lupin, corn for silage, as well as various species of annual and perennial grasses.

Based on the current weather forecasts, the sowing campaign is conducted within the time frame typical for the regions, namely end of March in the south, beginning of April in the Belgorod Region, middle of April in the Central Black Earth Region and end of April in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

By the beginning of the sowing campaign, the needs of agricultural enterprises of the Group in seeds of agricultural crops, nitrogen and complex mineral fertilizers and spare parts for agricultural machinery were fully satisfied. Machinery fleet of the enterprises is being upgraded.

“Conducting the sowing campaign in due time, at a good technological level and according to high quality standards creates the basis for producing a high yield and further sustainable development of the company. Realizing its importance, the Group allocated all the available funds for the spring sowing campaign,” said Elena Lazarenko, General Director of Razgulyai Group.